Russell Ord

From Rugby League player and Fireman to award winning Ocean and Lifestyle photographer, Russell Ord found his passion through adventure and the discovery of the untouched/unseen wilderness.

Russell’s photos blend the environment with real life story telling, his work has been published in magazines and books throughout the world, was awarded the 2016 IPA International Sports Photographer Of the Year at the prestigious Lucie Awards and exhibited in Germany at Photokina 2016 and Tokyo Japan 2017 for FujiFilm.

His life and work has been the subject of the documentary “One Shot” which was broadcasted nationally by the ABC in a seven part art series and internationally through Film festivals and Garage Entertainment. (

“Its more than just moments in time, its about the connection with people and the environment, creating content that reflects this very essence” – Russell Ord.



As a surfing photographer, Russ is a special kind of maniac. He lives out there on the boundary between shootable and deadly, and too often has risked his neck to swim out and immortalize some of the heaviest water ever shot. But plonked out there in the middle of a wild old ocean, he also has a subtle skill for giving that chaos certain poignancy and feeling, and that skill doesn't come easy.

Sean Doherty, Editor & Journalist.

When water gets rough, Russell Ord gets going. A fireman by trade Russell knows risk management better than most, yet he will still happily lay his body on the line to get the shot. It’s for this reason alone that companies like Red Bull approach Russell first for serious water shoots with no room for error. It’s why Hollywood came knocking when Drift was filmed in Western Australia. And it’s why you can pick up any surf magazine in the country and find Russell’s work on the front and back covers, and filling spreads and adverts in-between. A laid-back cat from Margaret River Russell’s ability to understate what he gets up to in waves of consequence is, like his photography, incredible. Not just a one-trick pony, Russell is also a fine shooter of lifestyle and portraiture on dry land, when not saving cats from trees or off surfing himself.

Chris Binns, Editor & Journalist.

Russell Ord's spectacular images have won him worldwide recognition, and deservedly so. Based in Western Australia, Russell is renowned for his awesome images of super-thick empty peaks and heavy sessions at reefs like The Box and The Right. He’s one of those guys who are always working on something new.

Chris Power, Editor & Journalist.

In pursuit of his version of the perfect shot, Rusell Ord puts himself in situations which would make most frontline, war photographers shudder. However, he is not just a gung-ho maverick with a camera in hand.

Russ is well versed in all of the technical aspects of his craft and isn't afraid to try an angle or a shot that is boldly creative. In short, there is nothing ordinary about Russell Ord.

Luke Kennedy; Editor.

Russell Ord's photography stands alone. Nobody else in the world swims in the heaviest slab waves in the world, putting life, limb and limb on the line to capture such dramatic and fantastically composed photos. Not to mention, the water he's swimming in is cold, sharky and unforgiving. When it comes to surf photography, Russell Ord is one of the few lensmen out there will to put personal safety aside to get the shot.

Jake Howard, ESPN.